Nancy asks…

Scrapbooking ideas :)?

So i just got back from this HUGE and amazing trip to the east coast with my mom dad and little sis. My mom got me and my sister these big scrapbook kits that all these embellishments and ribbons and letters. While oh the trip, i got a lot of postcards, business cards, stickers from restaurants, and a lot of other things that you might put in a scrapbook. I am really excited to make it, but i dont have very many ideas on design! Any ideas for layout or anything else would really help. Thanks!!

Admin answers:


The above site with give you literally 1000′s of ideas for page layouts. Of course these are guides and you place what you want on the actual page. Do not be afraid to turn these ideas on their sides – flip them – mirror them, etc.

And JOURNAL!!! 50 years from now when you are showing these to your kids/grandkids, you might not remember all the details of everything you did and saw. WRITE IT DOWN ON THE PAGES you create. These types of books are passed down and kept as family treasures!!

Daniel asks…

Anyone know of a good, reputable scrapbooking club?

I have seen a lot of scrapbooking clubs on the web – they must be the new thing. Actually, I have seen too many. Does anyone belong to one they are really pleased with that seems to give them the best supplies for their money? I am interested in one that comes with the supplies, and the layout ideas (the idea pool has been a little dry lately).

Admin answers:

I acutally belong to a great scrapbooking club! It is called Back2scrappin and I am 100% pleased with it! I am sent supplies and ideas every month! It is only $20 a month and I get 4 entire layouts. I haven’t found a club that gives you more supplies for your money! The layouts are adorable and my pictures look even better on them! The best part about a club is that you are really motivated to get some scrapbooking done. And honestly…I have never spent less than $20 a month on scrapbooking supplies so I have found that it saves me money. I have left the link to my club. Check it out.

Joseph asks…

scrapbooking ideas for graduate using class colors coral, sliver, & aqua?? Appreciate all the help I can get?

scrapbook page is 12×12,want to be able to use her senior picture as well as using senior class colors, senior motto and her class flower. Would like suggestions on layout using the above information…..Help

Admin answers:

For layout ideas I would go to a craft or scrapbooking store and look through some books for ideas as for other ideas for the scrapbook you may want to add photos from other years at school besides her senior year.

Brainstorm or ask her about her school experience. Are there any clubs she was in, any class trip, any special events,days,classes or teachers?

Somethings I think of when I think graduation are tassles, the hats graduates wear, the year of the graduation, Thing associated with school are pencils, books, bookbags, lunch boxes, school buses.

A simple idea if you are just decorating one page would be to use one color as the background, another color as a frame around her senior picture, over lap a corner of the photo with a picture of the flower( i picture the top left corner.) put the class motto across the bottom of the page and since most photos are not square I’d have the photo just slightly left of center and put something on the right side like the class year vertically.

I hope that is helpful. :)

Ruth asks…

Mothers day scrapbooking ideas?

So my husband and Sister-in-law decided that this year for mothers day they want to do a scrapbook of the grandkids for their mom and grandma…the only thing is I’m the only one that scrapbooks lol. so my sister-in-law is getting the books and pics of her 3 kids to me tomorrow and I’ve been getting pics of my kids together today the only thing is I’m at a loss on what types of paper, stickers and such to get and layouts any help?
also the grandkids ages range from about 9-1 with 4 boys and twin girls if thats any help

Admin answers:

You can find a lot of stuff to do with papers and sticker in a dollar store.
That’s the only answer I got, if I know more I’ll edit.

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